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Multi-Game Table

Material: Sapele  (primary); Poplar (secondary) veneers. :Cherry, Lemonwood, Persimmons, Ebony, Figured Makore, Quartered Walnut, Curly Maple, Timborania, Elm, Tulipwood, Pearwood, Beech, Bloodwood, Dyed Black Sycamore, Sapele, Holly, Teak, Birds-eye Maple and Mahogany.

Dimensions: 30 1/2" h x 42" w x 27" d.

Description: A reverse-top multiple game table. The inlay design on the table is achieved by using 6,786 individual hand-cut pieces of veneer from 20 different wood species. It comes with 2½" Crimson Rosewood Executive French Staunton Chess Pieces, 1¼'' Burgundy and Ivory Backgammon Checkers with Backgammon Dice, and wooden checkers.